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Grinding Booths For Surface Prep

A vital step in many manufacturing processes is preparation of parts by grinding. Companies grind parts to remove coatings and prepare them for finishing. Coatings can include paints, metals or other materials. Once the grinding and sanding starts, particles go flying around often at high speeds. It can be a filthy dangerous task. That’s why, companies rely on grinding booths to separate this dirty process and help clean up the mess. When the grinding starts, sparks go flying. Particles and dust are flung all over the shop. Particles coming off the grinder are moving at a high velocity and can be thrown up to 10 feet. Particles are hitting walls and ceilings, as well as unsuspecting workers nearby. Larger particles pile up on the floor and smaller ones linger in the air waiting to be breathed in, some of which can be toxic. In addition, the grinding is loud and the job is hazardous. The answer to the challenges presented during the grinding process is a surface prep booth. A grinding booth is an enclosed room with a heavy-duty dust

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Reasons To Incorporate A Paint Mixing Room Into Your Facility

There are many benefits to having a separate room set apart for the specific task of mixing paint. A paint mixing room is an enclosed space with a controlled environment designed for the sole purpose of mixing, handling, and storing paint materials and compounds. Having a separate space makes it possible to maintain product quality, create a safer environment, and increase productivity. Maintaining Product Quality Paint mixing rooms improve the quality of paint and finish compounds by reducing the possibility of contamination. Dust and debris that can damage the paint are kept out of the room and away from the product. Humidity, moisture and other climate-related challenges can be managed. And contaminates, such as other chemicals or compounds cannot corrupt the paint while it is being mixed or stored. A separate sanitary space maintains a high-quality product before it is applied. Maintaining Safety Is The Most Important Goal Even more important than maintaining product quality, is maintaining your employees’ safety. Stored in a paint room are large amounts of highly flammable materials, such as paints and solvents. Keeping these volatile

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High-Gloss Design Trends Require Cost-Effective Processing Methods

The latest in trends in furniture, flooring, and other materials is high gloss. Meeting this trend requires innovative changes to the processes and products used to achieve the desired results. As the market for high gloss surfaces increases, the need for cost effective manufacturing solutions becomes obvious. Traditionally, high gloss surfaces were only used in highly-precise, high priced applications where time-consuming processes were acceptable; for example, a typical process included the application of several layers of lacquer with sanding and polishing in between. Often these were done manually. That makes for very high production costs. Today, with high-gloss finishes becoming a mainstream design element, manufacturers are looking for inexpensive methods to create acceptable gloss surfaces. Since the end users’ ideal for gloss is a mirror or a piece of glass, the bar is set high. Manufacturers are challenged to achieve this level of quality and shine, while remaining cost-effective. One of the newest technologies in achieving a high gloss surface uses hot coating technology. To keep cost down, the coating is added to a melamine panel. Since melamine-faced chipboard is

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Production Systems Partners with Barberan To Provide The Highest Quality Finishing Systems

Production Systems is the US integrator of Barberan S.A. Our partnership with Barberan allows us to offer our customers the most innovative technology for hot coating, lacquer application, and curing. Together, we also offer custom equipment for adhesion, base coat, sanding, and top-coat finishing. Barberan technology allows our customers to achieve incomparable results and cost savings. Founded in 1929 and headquartered in Castelldefels, Spain, Barberan is a family-owned business that manufactures industrial surface finishing machinery. They design and manufacture machines used in the furniture, construction, decoration and packaging industries. As Barberan’s integrator for the United States, Production Systems is proud to offer machines that are designed and adapted to the unique requirements for each of our customers’ processes and applications. Contact us to learn how Production Systems, with Barberan machines can provide the most cost-effective and efficient technology to achieve the best finishing solutions.

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Reclaim and Non-Reclaim Powder Coating Rooms. Is There Cost Savings In Using A Reclaim System?

First of all, what does “reclaim” and “non-reclaim” mean when it comes to powder coating booth designs? And which is a better option for my application? All powder coating systems contain methods and equipment to collect overspray. But there are differences between collecting it for disposal and ‘reclaiming’ it for reuse. In a non-reclaim system, otherwise known as a non-recovery or spray-to-waste system, the colors and powders are mixed; therefore, they cannot be used again. In a reclaim system, also known as recovery booth, the powder is separated from the color and can be used at a later time. This can present an important and confusing option when buying a booth. Choosing the right system depends on multiple factors. Operators should evaluate the cost and convenience of each option when deciding. Careful examination of the process to identify key data such as material costs, time and effort of workers, and variety and volume of coating applications, are critical in the evaluation. Non-Reclaim Powder Booth System A non-reclaim powder booth is obviously the more basic of the two designs. The initial

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The Importance Of Performing Surface Prep In A Sanding Booth

Sanding and grinding booths are a great solution for removing coatings and preparing objects for finishing. Booths can fit anywhere on the plant floor where you have open space and are engineered from the ground up. Booths are a heavy-duty industrial solution that is not only efficient but can last for decades. Due to the dirty process of sanding and grinding, it is critical to establish an isolated environment so you don't turn your work environment into a hazardous place. The sanding and grinding process can throw sparks, dust, particles, and fumes into the warehouse environment. Sanding & grinding booths provides segregation of the high particulate work areas. It also provides a safe work environment and provides full control over the waste products generated during the production cycle. Sanding & grinding booths are excellent all-around paint booth. The air enters through the intake plenum, either from the outside or from the ambient warehouse environment. As the air travels across the booth the filter modules remove dust and contaminants. The clean air is then vented out of booth through the rear

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What To Consider When Buying An Industrial Oven For Finishing Processes

Like many equipment purchases, buying a process or batch oven for finishing involves considering a great many factors. Unlike industrial ovens, other purchases often can be installed in a facility without much interference with existing equipment. A process oven, however requires the analysis of factors, such as ventilation, clearance, and air circulation, in addition to determining the right size, location for the equipment, and budget parameters. In some instances, alterations to the infrastructure may be required. For example, exhaust and conveying systems must be routed through the facility and require a considerable amount of floorspace. Ventilation and Exhaust When considering the ventilation system, the air must come from somewhere and go somewhere. It must be filtered, heated and recycled. Additionally, oven exhaust, if not handled properly, can introduce toxic fumes into your facility. Designing a system that exhausts safely can depend on the oven’s location and design of the building. An oven expert may need to visit the facility to make the necessary adjustments for optimal ventilation and exhaust design. Air Circulation Temperature consistency throughout the finishing oven is created

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Paint Spray Booth Cleaning And Maintenance Tips – Preserving Your Investment While Maximizing Job Results

Paint spray booths are designed to keep dust, dirt and moisture away from paint jobs being performed inside the booth. Occasionally you might find contaminants in your paint jobs, the reason is typically a dirty or poorly maintained paint spray booth. Establishing a regular cleaning and preventative maintenance routine can help keep your booth efficient and production costs low. Below are maintenance tips and best practices that can significantly extend the lifespan of a paint spray booth and reduce the risk of contamination by dust and dirt on your jobs. Limit traffic in and out of the spray booth. Less traffic means less chance for contamination. Have all painters wear a lint-free painter’s suit and headcover and store these suits in a clean area. Keep the spray booth’s doors closed as much as possible. Place a specialized mat at the entrance of the booth to help workers keep their feet clean when entering. Keep the spray booth on and running when you are bringing in the objects to be spayed. This way, any airborne contaminants you bring in are drawn

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Air Flow and Ventilation of Paint Booths

Removal of polluted air and the introduction of clean fresh air into a paint booth is important for the safety of the operators and the quality of the end product. There are various ventilation methods for spray systems depending on the flow of air through the enclosure. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method. The ventilation methods include: Cross Draft – With a cross draft system, air enters from the front of the booth, usually through the main doors of the booth. It flows horizontally through the space to the back, and exits through an exhaust plenum in the back of the booth. The air flows directly to the area that is to be painted. These types of booths are generally the most economical and are easy to integrate into a facility; this makes them the most popular in many environments. However, the air flow is linear and travels a greater distance, making it more likely that if dust or other contaminant is present in the stream, it has a lot of ground to cover before it exits. In

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