Consider Oven Systems Early In The Paint Booth Purchase Cycle To Save Money

It is important to carefully consider what heating system will be needed before making a paint booth purchase. There are various factors that should be considered in order to make sure a wise investment is made. Consider the following when purchasing a paint booth and oven system: An oven often requires alterations to the plant’s infrastructure. Understanding the requirements can keep you from wasting money in the long run. The exhaust system from the oven may need to be routed through the facility and may require a considerable amount of floorspace. In some instances, installing a heating system may require major modifications and can be quite expensive; for example, adding heating to a cross air-flow booth. Some booths, such as vertical air flow booths, are more easily modified to add heating; however, exhausting it may require a more complex route due to its rear evacuation and need for additional duct work. This may end up being more expensive. If you decide to purchase an unheated booth with the thought of adding heat down the road, make sure to leave space

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What To Consider When Buying An Industrial Oven For Finishing Processes

Like many equipment purchases, buying a process or batch oven for finishing involves considering a great many factors. Unlike industrial ovens, other purchases often can be installed in a facility without much interference with existing equipment. A process oven, however requires the analysis of factors, such as ventilation, clearance, and air circulation, in addition to determining the right size, location for the equipment, and budget parameters. In some instances, alterations to the infrastructure may be required. For example, exhaust and conveying systems must be routed through the facility and require a considerable amount of floorspace. Ventilation and Exhaust When considering the ventilation system, the air must come from somewhere and go somewhere. It must be filtered, heated and recycled. Additionally, oven exhaust, if not handled properly, can introduce toxic fumes into your facility. Designing a system that exhausts safely can depend on the oven’s location and design of the building. An oven expert may need to visit the facility to make the necessary adjustments for optimal ventilation and exhaust design. Air Circulation Temperature consistency throughout the finishing oven is created

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Halogen/Convection Cure Ovens

Within the past month, Production Systems fabricated a pair of halogen/convection cure ovens. They were then prepared for installation. The first oven was designed specifically for stain and glaze curing. With pre-assembled and wired in modules in the 9' heated section of the oven, the oven controls also allow for an addition 9' heated length for future purposes. The UL 508A listed control panel allows for both single zone batch operation and dual zone control for process operation as needed. The second oven, currently identical in size, is designed specifically for top coat curing. The difference between the two ovens is that the second oven is fabricated with 3 circulation fans for maximum air movement. While the UL508A listed control panel also allows for single zone batch operation and dual zone control for process operation, this control panel is designed to allow two additional 9' heated lengths for 27' overall. Learn more about the many types of cure ovens offered at Production Systems. You may also call us at (336) 886-7161, or email us at for more information.

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Gas Fired Convection Cure Oven

Production Systems Inc. most recent project is the manufacturing and installation of a Gas Fired Convection Type Cure Oven. This oven is constructed with 4’’ thick Oven Panels with 4# Density Mineral Wool. The Oven has one Central Return Air Plenum, two Floor Mounted Supply Plenums that are fitted with adjustable dampers to balance air flow. The oven has integral support steel for oven panel structure, exhaust fans and duct as well as overhead conveyor. Access doors and Interior Lighting are also included for convenience and maintenance purposes. All Circulation Fans are fitted with Intake Duct, Housing and Supply Duct to Connect the Fans to the Return and Supply Plenums. The Fans are provided with Support Steel for Overhead Wall Mounting. The Cure Oven is designed with Exhaust, Quick Purge and Air Seal Systems to ensure a proper finish. Installed with a Production Systems UL508A Labeled Control Panel that includes a 7’’ Panelview 800 Touch Screen, Soft Starts for all Circulation Fans, Separate Controls for Exhaust and Quick Purge Fans, and across-the-line starters for all motors other than Circulation

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