In 2024, one of the main goals of companies in the industrial coating industry, when looking towards the future, is enhancing energy-efficiency in their processes. Technological advancements developed and incorporated in pursuit of these goals include energy-saving systems, usage of fewer resources, and software that helps promote the saving of resources.

One finishing systems manufacturer is introducing an exhaust air treatment system that breaks down pollutants, such as solvents, in contaminated exhaust air through biological oxidation. Current systems for cleaning exhausted air use thermal afterburners; Thermal afterburners use a heat treatment process powered by gas to destroy industrial contaminants such as volatile organic compounds. This new treatment system works differently, eliminating the need for gas.

Industrial finishing companies have in the past focused on building new facilities from the ground up, when needed. Today, many companies are deciding to modernize existing plants rather than build new ones. This shift in thinking – from greenfield to brownfield projects saves money while also incorporating efforts to optimize energy efficiency, and reduce emissions, and save materials.

A new trend in finishing systems that’s showing up is the use of skidless conveying systems. This conveying method fixes the product on two traverses that have less surface area and weight than standard skid systems. The skidless conveyor system option is less expensive, has greater flexibility, and is more energy efficient.

In a different scenario, a European manufacturer is setting their sights on making finishing systems more sustainable by reviving old heating equipment. However, a problem occurs when old ovens and systems cannot be retrofitted to using hydrogen as the heating source. New methods, such as thermal oil, are being considered since they can be transported from the heating source to wherever it is needed.

Overall, companies are renewing their focus to create solutions that are effective, economic, efficient, and of high quality. A reduction in usage of solvents, materials, and energy is at the forefront. Manual and automatic, airless and air spray guns, high speed rotation atomizers, solvent and water-based coatings, and robotic solutions are all being investigated and incorporated into new and modernized systems.

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