Powder coating is a process that adds an attractive durable coating to metal. In this process, a dry powder fuses to a metal surface using an electric charge. The metal with the coating is then baked in a curing oven. The result is a smooth hard coating that is tougher than conventional paint.

Paint has a liquid carrier, whereas powder coating does not. For that reason, powder coating be applied more thickly since there’s no risk of running. This makes it possible to produce a thicker coating than paint. Powder coating delivers a solid consistent color finish that’s extremely beautiful.

Powder coating creates a strong layer that protects from scratching, chipping, fading, and corroding. Powder coating is a durable long-lasting finish for all types of metal. In addition, once the set-up is completed and the necessary equipment is purchased, the process is very economical.

Steps To Powder Coating:

Powder coating is a multi-step finishing process.

Step 1: The metal part is cleaned and prepared for coating.
Step 2: The part’s surface is completely coated with a fine powder.
Step 3: The part is put into a curing oven where it is heated and the powder is melted.
Step 4: The part is cooled hardening the coating.

Let’s take a look at what’s needed for powder coating. From the steps above, it’s easy to see that you will need a place for cleaning, a place where the powder is applied, and an oven for curing.

A Place To Clean The Part

For high quality results, your part needs to be free of dust, dirt, old paint, oil, rust, or anything else. Any of these contaminants will impede the adhesion of the powder coating and its durability.

Depending on the debris that is on your products, you will need equipment to make sure it is completely removed. For example, if the parts have paint or rust on them, that will need to be blasted off. A sand blast room for blasting and grinding the part is essential. A pretreatment room that will contain the cleaning process is highly recommended to keep additional debris from getting back onto the part and also to protect the rest of the work environment from the flying debris being removed.

A Place To Apply The Powder

When you spray powder, leftover powder, or overspray is created. It will end up in the air and on the floor. Keeping this overspray out of your way and away from your part is one of the main functions of a powder spray booth. The booth is also made to keep overspray from getting all over the rest of your shop. And, the booth will keep other contaminants that are floating around your shop away from your parts. Many booths are designed to reclaim overspray.

A Place To Cure

After the powder is applied, the coating must be cured in a powder curing oven. For professional results, the type of oven you choose is vital.  A high-quality curing oven will produce superior coatings, but will also save money in energy costs by being efficient.

Production Systems can help you set up your powder coating line. We offer pretreatment booths, powder spray booths, and curing ovens. We produce custom areas to meet the needs of your operation and process, including booths and ovens in different sizes and configurations. Contact us to start a conversation about how we can help your business.