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Finishing System Control Panel

Control Panels & Spray Booth Controls

At Production Systems Incorporated, we are proud of our custom-built products. From simple exhaust ventilation enclosures to fully automated finishing lines, we strive to provide our customers with systems that are dependable, user friendly and easy to maintain.

An important part of these systems are the electrical controls. Production Systems is a member in good standing with the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). All electrical controls are built in compliance with UL 508A Standard for Enclosed Electrical Control Panels.

We utilize Allen-Bradley/Rockwell components in our panels based on performance, reliability and ease of replacement in the rare event of failure. We will, however, build according to our customers’ preferences. We have 40 years of experience in fabricating industrial electrical controls. We build from simple pushbutton, relay, and timer logic to programmable logic controller (PLC) and Human Machine Interface Screens (HMI) controlled systems that are network compatible.

All control design work is done on-site at Production Systems in close collaboration with the customer’s input and a seasoned engineering staff to guide the system design process. We use what we believe to be the best materials to create a durable and functional part of our customers’ manufacturing process. All drawings and layouts are submitted for our customer’s approval before beginning fabrication.

Our control panels are built with rotary fusible, lockable, main disconnects. This allows local electricians to easily attach main power to the panels. All branch circuits and control circuits are documented within provided electrical schematics. Controls are built and arranged in environmentally compatible enclosures.

All controls are pre-tested at our facility and bear a UL Label.

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Spray Booth Controls

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“Production Systems recently upgraded our wash systems. This was not a typical replacement, but an insertion into the middle of our current system that had deteriorated. Not only was this a challenge but we had an aggressive timeline and could not afford to be down for more than one week. The planning process to achieve this was key. We had multiple reviews to ensure that we could perform to plan and stay within the agreed budget. Each element was analyzed and discussed to guarantee the plan was successful. The implementation was flawless.”

Susan Rothecker, SMT

“Production Systems Inc. fabricates high quality equipment that will last for years!  Their equipment is tried and proven and passes the test.” 

Matthew Fisher, Palmer Donavin

Working with PSI was such a pleasure. Not only did they come in and install our finish system in a timely manner but gave us daily and weekly updates. All the folks associated with their teams were informative and very knowledgeable. While we had other trades we were struggling with to get things done during our move, PSI was by far the best to deal with and followed up after the fact. I would highly recommend them if you are thinking about a new finish system.

Andrew Hess, Lumbermen's Inc.


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