Original equipment manufacturer and integrator of custom finishing systems for wood, metals and plastics.

Production Systems’ mission is to offer the engineering and equipment needed to provide the perfect finish for our customers. Historically, our niche was in wood finishing as practiced in the furniture, case goods and cabinetry industries. We have performed contract finishing as well as system installations in the exterior home building product industry. Presently, we are known for having many installations in door millworks with unique equipment designs to make interior and exterior door finishing easy. Today, our services extend to a wide variety of products in many different industries.



Original equipment manufacturer and integrator of custom finishing systems for wood, metals and plastics.

Production Systems’ mission is to offer the engineering and equipment needed to provide the perfect finish for our customers. Historically, we have provided finishing equipment, such as spray booths and ovens for furniture and cabinetry in the housing industry. Today, our services extend to a wide variety of products in many different industries.

Our experienced staff works with customers and material suppliers to provide finishing systems comprised of in-floor, on floor and overhead conveyors with close packing conveyor carts, spray booths, flash tunnels, ovens and make up air systems. In addition, Production Systems installs bulk storage and pump rooms, pioneering the installation of steel/stainless steel tubing, outfitted with air and fluid regulators for spray guns, for circulating lines from pump rooms to spray booths.



As an original equipment manufacturer and integrator of paint booths and custom finishing systems, we work with our customers and their coating suppliers to develop optimal finishing solutions.

We perform consultative design and engineering to build which is critical to the operation or process.

  • Design, build, fabrication, integration
  • Project management, mechanical and electrical services
  • Finishing schedules
  • Production rates
  • Finishing system layouts
  • Equipment and utility layouts
  • Air flow schematics and roof framing plans
  • Electrical controls
  • Conveyors, material handling, part fixtures, specialized carriers, carts, loading/unloading procedure and equipment
  • Man lifts, lift tables, access and service platforms
  • Bulk storage equipment, tanks, fill, vapor recovery and tank safety equipment
  • Transfer, dispensing and metering equipment
  • Dip tanks, part washers, wash booths, and blast booths
  • Sanding, grinding, blow off booths and supportive process equipment
  • Pumps, spray guns and regulation
  • Spray booths, cross draft, down draft, semi down draft, water wash, truck and large equipment booths
  • Integrated finishing robotics, reciprocators, spray machines and automated finishing application equipment
  • Pump room equipment, paint kitchens, mix rooms and hazardous material storage buildings
  • Pump stands, spray gun stands, bucket and drum covers, agitators, material circulating lines downstream and back pressure regulation and spray equipment
  • Environmental rooms, clean rooms, blow off systems and air seals
  • Dust collection, ventilation and make up air systems
  • Ovens, high velocity, convection, halogen, infrared, UV and gas catalytic
  • Flash enclosures, curing and cooling processes
  • Custom designed with HMI and programming services
  • Installation and start up with experienced mechanical installers
  • Control wiring services per original equipment manufacturer’s specifications
  • Operational and maintenance manuals
  • Aftermarket support: trouble shooting, repair and maintenance

Finishing Systems News Articles

Consultative Design & Engineering Forum

At Production Systems, we are well known for our experience and knowledge of custom finishing systems. We utilize this experience by offering potential customers in-house design and engineering consultations in our facility. During the forum we help determine building space allocation/constraints, coating supplier finishing schedule and tasks. We also identify substrate and product size/variations, available utilities and production demands. This discovery serves as a basis for company budgeting, return on investment and planning.

Brittany Chrisco
Brittany Chrisco
As a vendor, I have enjoyed interacting with the team at Production Systems. Precise communication, transparency, and feedback are critical to vendor/customer relationships and they provide all three. Tri-State Steel values the partnership we share with Production Systems.
Jonathan Todd (tee_0_double_dee)
Jonathan Todd (tee_0_double_dee)
As a manufacturer's rep for industrial fans, we have worked with Production Systems for over 20 years. The systems PSI has provided over the years have always been well engineered to meet all customers demands. Specs on the fan side of things have been thorough and detailed. It's obvious they take all factors of a projects and system into consideration during their design phase. I've never heard of a performance issue that hasn't been resolved with customers, suppliers, or PSI being unhappy with resolutions. We have enjoyed being a part of the growth and tenure PSI has had in the finishing industry and look forward to many more years of business together.
Chris Morris
Chris Morris
Great company to work with, highly recommend Production Systems
Zachary T
Zachary T
Began working with Production Systems last year. During the first few times of communicating with them we knew it would be a nice partnership. Their team is great to work with, you can tell they value what a partnership should be and not just a customer. I would recommend visiting their facility. You can always tell a lot about a company with how they keep their facility. There are many facilities you walk into that may not be the cleanest. You can tell the PSI team takes pride in their work with how clean they keep their facilities. Great company with a great team.
Gat Caperton
Gat Caperton
PSI just completed a second wood furniture finishing line for Gat Creek. Both are world-class. The first was completed in 2005 and helped lead our factory through a renaissance. Our product got better and customers/consumers noticed! The 2005 line also improved our productivity significantly. Though designed to be similar, the 2023 finishing line that PSI designed and installed outperforms the original. Too often, the quality of the design and craftsmanship of manufacturing systems decline when compared over time…but not with PSI. We have two winners on our hands and look forward to working with PSI again in the future. They have our highest recommendation.
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