The Benefits of Investing in High Quality Custom Finishing Systems for Wood, Metals and Plastics

Investing in custom finishing systems for wood, metal or plastic products offers unique advantages that you won't get from standard, general purpose configurations. Read on to find out why a custom solution from Production Systems is worth the investment! Flexibility. There are no limitations when constructing a custom paint booth. Based on your finishing requirements, you determine what is and is not needed. Some items to consider are booth height & length, how much lighting is required, inside access lighting requirements, what style doors will be installed (bi-fold, trifold or drive-thru doors), rear exhaust location, air make-up units needed, and number of HEPA filters required. Improved Productivity and Efficiency. Investing in custom finishing systems can help you save time and money – giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your project. Custom-made finishing systems also boast higher levels of efficiency than standard systems, as they are tailored to give you exactly what you need to complete the job correctly and efficiently. In some cases, this increased productivity can even translate into cost savings! At Production Systems, we

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Levels of Automation in Finishing Systems

Automated finishing systems enhance the quality of the finished products by consistently providing the same finishing touches to each component of your product line. These systems are used by all major coating technologies, including liquid, powder, electrocoat, anodizing, and plating. Increasingly, finishing systems are being built with expanded automation capabilities. This automation creates greater efficiency, flexibility, and scalability, making operations smoother and more cost effective. There are basically 5 levels of automation with regards to Automated Finishing Systems: Most conveyorized finishing systems are at the hardwired control level. This level provides very little automation, and these systems tend to be older models. They are notoriously built to be very robust and durable but offer very little flexibility due to the lack of automation. The first level of automation begins at the Mimic Pane level. This level provides a small level of automation and most of the troubleshooting can be performed by most electricians. It still requires a great deal of operator intervention. This type of automated finishing system is uncommon due to the cost to design and build it. At

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