Maximizing Efficiency with Industrial Powder Coating Ovens

To maximize the efficiency of your industrial powder coating operation, it's crucial to ensure that your batch powder curing oven is performing at its best. The following information outlines items to consider that may help solve curing issues, improve your efficiency and increase the lifespan of your equipment. Air Temperature And Airflow One of the key factors that can impact the quality of your finished products is the air temperature and airflow within the oven. It's important to note that temperature uniformity can vary from oven to oven. Be aware that ovens with ceiling ducts may be cooler at the floor level, while ovens with wall ducts may have cooler areas in the corners and close to the floor. It's crucial that you regularly monitor temperature levels with an oven data recorder and keep a log of the results. To prevent changes in the way the oven functions, it is essential to check for modifications in the movement of air within your building. Is there wind blowing into the structure from outside? Were building exhaust fans deactivated but vents left [...]

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Air Flow Options In Paint Spray Booths Provide Various Advantages And Disadvantages

When it comes to air flow in a paint spray booth, the idea is to move air around the object being painted out of the area, so that overspray does not get deposited back onto the new coating. Advantages and disadvantages of various types of drafting systems result from the direction of the air. Since the air must flow from one end of the booth to the other, it stands to reason that in some instances dry overspray will end up on an area that has not yet been painted, or even worse, an area that has. A good painter knows how to work within the parameters provided by the system to provide a flawless finish, however, it takes effort. Turbulent Airflow Some types of booths create turbulent airflow. Turbulence is created when two banks of air turn and collide with each other on their way to the other side of the booth. This happens again when the air has to separate in two to be exhausted. Turning Air In booth styles, air comes into the booth and must turn [...]

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Effective Ventilation In Sanding And Grinding Booths Keeps Dust Out Of The Way And Saves Money

Having a sanding and grinding booth in your facility provides multiple benefits to your company. The main purpose of a sanding booth is to efficiently prepare items for finishing in a safe, clean environment. If you don’t already have a sanding and grinding booth with a ventilation system, the following benefits will convince you to install one. When preparing items for finishing, layers of coatings and contaminants must be sanded or ground off in order to create a surface that will provide a beautiful blemish-free finish. When sanding, these layers turn into dust. Dust can make a work environment hazardous and can contaminate the product. A good sanding and grinding booth will provide effective ventilation that captures and immediately removes dust from the environment. Your employees won’t be breathing in dusty air and the work surfaces throughout your entire facility will not be covered in dust. The booth’s ventilation system cleans the dirty air by running it through multiple filters that capture even the smallest of particles; 99% of dust particles are caught during filtration. The clean air is then [...]

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Achieving Optimal Efficiency And Powder Reclaim In A Powder Coating Booth

Two major goals a powder coating manufacturer has is the ability to perform quicker color changes and obtain greater recovery of reclaimed material. Having the ability to reclaim overspray powder has been a big factor in promoting the growth of the powder coating industry. To achieve optimal efficiency and material reclaim, regular preventive maintenance must be performed as the equipment manufacturer recommends. Several factors that are needed for an efficient powder coating booth system follow: Maintaining incoming air quality is imperative for an efficient system and good powder utilization. For example, if the incoming air has water or oil in it, the finish can have fisheyes or craters in it; the application equipment may spit or surge. Rejected parts increase and so does powder usage. Parts must be recoated wasting even more time and energy. The powder coating application equipment, such as the track, racks, and hooks, as well as the booth itself must be properly grounded for optimal efficiency and safety. In addition to the regular maintenance, the air flow into the booth must be maintained. Gauges should be [...]

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