To understand a recirculating paint spray booth, we must first consider the conventional paint booth and its process of operation. In a conventional paint booth, air makes only one pass through the system and no air is recirculated. Conventional spray booths have an exhaust fan that draws air through the work chamber, across the part being painted, through an air cleaning apparatus (dry filter or water scrubber) and finally, is exhausted outside the building.

In recirculated paint booths the volume of air being moved through the spray area of the paint booth is often the same as with a conventional booth. However, instead of all air being exhausted, a portion is looped back to the booth air supply. A side stream of the recirculation loop is drawn off and exhausted. Fresh air is supplied to the recirculation loop at the booth supply plenum to offset the amount of air being exhausted.

The benefits of a recirculating paint booth are substantial. These types of paint booths require less heating and cooling, provide accurate control of climate and airflow, while also providing the most efficient operating system possible. Recirculation is also an effective method of reducing operating costs of the paint booth. Recirculating paint booths reduce operating cost by using less energy and exhausting less air (reducing exhaust by 80 percent). At a recirculation rate of 80:20, energy use is also reduced by a factor of five.

All recirculating paint booths include all of the required airflow monitoring systems and controls to ensure a completely safe operating environment during all modes of operation. Recirculation of paint spray booths is an effective method to minimize energy consumption, reduce capital expenditures and ease compliance with air pollution standards. A Manufacturer who considers adding recirculating paint booths to their plant must meet NFPA 33 and ANSI/AIHA Z9.7 standards as well as specific requirements for air quality and worker safety.

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