Powder Coating

Powder coating is a process that adds an attractive durable coating to metal. In this process, a dry powder fuses to a metal surface using an electric charge. The metal with the coating is then baked in a curing oven. The result is a smooth hard coating that is tougher than conventional paint. Paint has a liquid carrier, whereas powder coating does not. For that reason, powder coating be applied more thickly since there’s no risk of running. This makes it possible to produce a thicker coating than paint. Powder coating delivers a solid consistent color finish that’s extremely beautiful. Powder coating creates a strong layer that protects from scratching, chipping, fading, and corroding. Powder coating is a durable long-lasting finish for all types of metal. In addition, once the set-up is completed and the necessary equipment is purchased, the process is very economical. Steps To Powder Coating: Powder coating is a multi-step finishing process. Step 1: The metal part is cleaned and prepared for coating. Step 2: The part’s surface is completely coated with a fine powder. Step 3:

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Achieving Optimal Efficiency And Powder Reclaim In A Powder Coating Booth

Two major goals a powder coating manufacturer has is the ability to perform quicker color changes and obtain greater recovery of reclaimed material. Having the ability to reclaim overspray powder has been a big factor in promoting the growth of the powder coating industry. To achieve optimal efficiency and material reclaim, regular preventive maintenance must be performed as the equipment manufacturer recommends. Several factors that are needed for an efficient powder coating booth system follow: Maintaining incoming air quality is imperative for an efficient system and good powder utilization. For example, if the incoming air has water or oil in it, the finish can have fisheyes or craters in it; the application equipment may spit or surge. Rejected parts increase and so does powder usage. Parts must be recoated wasting even more time and energy. The powder coating application equipment, such as the track, racks, and hooks, as well as the booth itself must be properly grounded for optimal efficiency and safety. In addition to the regular maintenance, the air flow into the booth must be maintained. Gauges should be

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Reclaim and Non-Reclaim Powder Coating Rooms. Is There Cost Savings In Using A Reclaim System?

First of all, what does “reclaim” and “non-reclaim” mean when it comes to powder coating booth designs? And which is a better option for my application? All powder coating systems contain methods and equipment to collect overspray. But there are differences between collecting it for disposal and ‘reclaiming’ it for reuse. In a non-reclaim system, otherwise known as a non-recovery or spray-to-waste system, the colors and powders are mixed; therefore, they cannot be used again. In a reclaim system, also known as recovery booth, the powder is separated from the color and can be used at a later time. This can present an important and confusing option when buying a booth. Choosing the right system depends on multiple factors. Operators should evaluate the cost and convenience of each option when deciding. Careful examination of the process to identify key data such as material costs, time and effort of workers, and variety and volume of coating applications, are critical in the evaluation. Non-Reclaim Powder Booth System A non-reclaim powder booth is obviously the more basic of the two designs. The initial

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