Industries Served

Production Systems has been providing numerous industries with products and services since 1972. Today, we design, fabricate, and install many different types of finishing systems.

Our expert staff determines production requirements for finishing products taking into account the plant floor space, operational procedures and finishing schedule. Our experience allows us to qualify and quantify production finishing methods. As a result, through experience gained, our customers are offered the best finishing solutions for their application.


Production Systems provides a complete line of paint booths and finishing systems for the furniture industry. All our equipment is designed to efficiently create the highest quality finish possible.


Production Systems offers a comprehensive line of high-quality paint booths, pretreatment and surface booths, mix rooms and paint kitchens, and oven technology for the automotive industry.


Production Systems produces high-performance industrial finishing systems. From single paint booths to complete finishing systems, we offer a diverse range of products for industrial companies across the nation.

Consultative Design & Engineering Forum

At Production Systems, we are well known for our experience and knowledge of custom finishing systems. We utilize this experience by offering potential customers in-house design and engineering consultations in our facility. During the forum we help determine building space allocation/constraints, coating supplier finishing schedule and tasks. We also identify substrate and product size/variations, available utilities and production demands. This discovery serves as a basis for company budgeting, return on investment and planning.

Schedule your consultation at our facility in High Point, NC.