Manufacturers use many coatings and finishing processes to enhance and protect their products. These include cleaning, plating and powder coating. Based on the process and the coating, a specific result is achieved. Without finishing, parts and products would not be resistant to corrosion and wear, their lifespan would be greatly reduced, and the aesthetic of the product would be diminished.

Steps In The Finishing Process

The finishing process is the same, more or less, no matter who or where it is done. Pre-treatment of the part includes preparing the surface. The part is treated to remove any oils, grease, chemicals, or other cleaners before any coating is applied. Using baths and rinses, the part is physically and chemically altered. During post treatment, other finishing procedures are used to improve the properties of the part.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is regularly used in manufacturing to coat metal parts and machinery. Powder coating provides protection against corrosion, chipping, scratching, and general wear and tear. And of course, produces an attractive final product. Powder coating extends the life of the equipment, and its smooth finish makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

During the powder coating process, the free-flowing batch of powder is applied to the product using an electrostatic process. Once the product is cured in an oven, the powder melts, flows, dries, and hardens to form a thick, solid, durable coating. Powder coating can be accomplished via electrostatic spraying, an electrostatic fluidized bed process, or an electrostatic magnetic brush. To cure a thermoset powder, the workpiece must be exposed to elevated temperatures to allow; known as crosslinking, this requires high-temperature exposure for a specific amount of time, depending on the desired properties and material.

The Powder Coating Industry

The need and demand for powder coating continues to increase for manufacturing applications. This is true in part to powder coating being unmatched in providing durability and efficiency. The application process creates a strong bond between the coating and the surface, ensuring the product can endure extreme conditions while providing beauty and color. This process not only reduces waste, but also cuts energy costs due to its faster curing times.

Powder coating isn’t simply a surface coating; it bonds to and integrates with the product’s material forming a flexible, tough layer that is durable and intensely resists impacts, moisture, chemicals, and the sun.

Diverse Manufacturing Applications

Powder coatings offer a wide range of advantages in manufacturing, particularly in high-volume production where efficiency is vital. This coating method provides a more durable finish than traditional liquid paints, with superior resistance to chipping, scratching, and corrosion. It also allows for a wide range of colors and finishes, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of products. The process is also more efficient, as it typically requires less time for curing and drying, which can significantly increase throughput and profitability.

  • For Industrial Equipment – For machinery and parts that must withstand extreme weather, abrasive materials, and a high level of wear and tear, powder coating ensures the machinery will be operational for a long time. This coating produces surfaces that are easy to maintain. This lowers operational costs and increases efficiency – key factors for the manufacturers’ buyers and end users.
  • For Consumer Goods – Manufacturers of consumer goods such as appliances, electronics, and furniture benefit from using powder coatings because of its superior finish. The process’s ability to produce a high-quality, durable finish is critical for items that are used daily.
  • For Heavy Machinery – Powder coating stands out when it comes to heavy machinery for its exceptional durability and cost-effectiveness. Its ability to withstand harsh conditions, as it provides a finish that resists chipping, scratching, and corrosion makes it uniquely beneficial to the industry.

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