Having a sanding and grinding booth in your facility provides multiple benefits to your company. The main purpose of a sanding booth is to efficiently prepare items for finishing in a safe, clean environment. If you don’t already have a sanding and grinding booth with a ventilation system, the following benefits will convince you to install one.

When preparing items for finishing, layers of coatings and contaminants must be sanded or ground off in order to create a surface that will provide a beautiful blemish-free finish. When sanding, these layers turn into dust. Dust can make a work environment hazardous and can contaminate the product. A good sanding and grinding booth will provide effective ventilation that captures and immediately removes dust from the environment. Your employees won’t be breathing in dusty air and the work surfaces throughout your entire facility will not be covered in dust.

The booth’s ventilation system cleans the dirty air by running it through multiple filters that capture even the smallest of particles; 99% of dust particles are caught during filtration. The clean air is then recirculated back into the booth.

Energy Efficiency Benefits
Recirculated air has already been heated or cooled, humidified or dehumidified; therefore, there are great energy saving because only a small amount of air will require conditioning – only the fresh air that is introduced, which is a small percentage.

Cost Savings
Although the initial cost of a recirculating booth is considerably higher than standard booths, they can be less expensive over the life of the equipment due to the energy savings from recirculating the air.

Production Systems helps companies in the design and installation of the right sanding and grinding booth system for their needs. Our booths provide the most efficient way to remove coatings and dirt when prepare objects for finishing. Contact us to learn more.