Two major goals a powder coating manufacturer has is the ability to perform quicker color changes and obtain greater recovery of reclaimed material. Having the ability to reclaim overspray powder has been a big factor in promoting the growth of the powder coating industry. To achieve optimal efficiency and material reclaim, regular preventive maintenance must be performed as the equipment manufacturer recommends. Several factors that are needed for an efficient powder coating booth system follow:

  • Maintaining incoming air quality is imperative for an efficient system and good powder utilization. For example, if the incoming air has water or oil in it, the finish can have fisheyes or craters in it; the application equipment may spit or surge. Rejected parts increase and so does powder usage. Parts must be recoated wasting even more time and energy.
  • The powder coating application equipment, such as the track, racks, and hooks, as well as the booth itself must be properly grounded for optimal efficiency and safety.
  • In addition to the regular maintenance, the air flow into the booth must be maintained. Gauges should be present displaying the air pressure flowing through the cartridge and filters.
  • Minimum and maximum settings on the filters should be set according to the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper operation. They remove the overspray powder from the air and reclaim it for reuse.
  • Remember that different powder coatings require different pressures to fluidize properly. That’s why checking fluidization pressures is critical. Don’t forget that humidity and temperature also affect fluidization, so maintaining materials in an environmentally controlled area is advised.

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