The conveyor components transport products through enclosures of the finishing process, or move them from one process to the next. So, let’s look at what is happening in the conveyor system world.

New conveyor systems are becoming quieter.
Quieter components, especially rollers, are being incorporated into the conveyors for an overall quieter system. The loud path through a plant is becoming outdated. A quieter system makes for a more comfortable working environment and easier communication among workers.

Simpler processes are becoming more and more automated.
In the past, it was most often the complex processes that were automated. Now, companies are finding that automating the simple activities with a single conveyor can provide substantial results. And smaller companies can take advantage of these benefits since they do not require a huge capital investment.

Robotics are being applied to conveyors.
When a company needs to safely move and position large and heavy products, a pallet conveyor system is the solution. These systems are programmed for precise movement, specific starts and stops, and can be coordinated to work with other robotics.

New materials are being integrated into conveyors.
Conveyor manufacturers are integrating new materials to meet the needs of specific industries. For example, in the food industry, bacteria-resistant materials are used to develop a food-grade belt.

Upgrades to existing conveyor systems are possible.
Upgrades are not only becoming possible, but more cost-effective as well. For example, motors can be added to existing conveyors to make them run on their own.

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