A vital step in many manufacturing processes is preparation of parts by grinding. Companies grind parts to remove coatings and prepare them for finishing. Coatings can include paints, metals or other materials. Once the grinding and sanding starts, particles go flying around often at high speeds. It can be a filthy dangerous task. That’s why, companies rely on grinding booths to separate this dirty process and help clean up the mess.

When the grinding starts, sparks go flying. Particles and dust are flung all over the shop. Particles coming off the grinder are moving at a high velocity and can be thrown up to 10 feet. Particles are hitting walls and ceilings, as well as unsuspecting workers nearby. Larger particles pile up on the floor and smaller ones linger in the air waiting to be breathed in, some of which can be toxic. In addition, the grinding is loud and the job is hazardous.

The answer to the challenges presented during the grinding process is a surface prep booth. A grinding booth is an enclosed room with a heavy-duty dust collection system. Particles are removed from the air, eliminating the health hazard and visual impairment created by dust. The walls of a grinding booth often are upfitted with sound-proofing and fire-resistant features. Sound is minimized and flying particles are contained.

Contact Production Systems to learn more about our grinding booths, and other pretreatment and surface prep booths. Our engineers can help design a system for grinding, sanding, or any other process that creates dust and particles. Take care of the health and safety of your workers and your entire facility, while preparing parts for finishing.