Car manufacturers and repair shops are asking for new features and capabilities to be incorporated into their spray paint booths. Below are some of the most commonly-requested elements from companies who use spray booths.

Bigger Is Better.
Companies in the automotive industry are wanting larger spray booth designs. What was once a standard-length size – 24 ft, is now increasing to 28 – 30 ft. This larger sized booth allows for oversized vehicles to be accommodated or for multiple treatments to be accomplished in each cycle. Standard height has been 9 ft; that is now becoming 12 ft.

But the size of the booth itself is not the only aspect of the booth that is getting bigger. Companies want larger doors and windows, and more glass panels. Larger doors mean wider openings that make it easier and quicker to load and unload the booth. Bigger windows and glass paneled doors and walls allow for improved visual inspection of the process.

More Automated Controls
Manufacturers and automotive paint companies are more and more interested in more complex control systems that allow for automated control of pressure, temperature, and better data collection capabilities. Companies want advanced technology to control the features that are important to their specific shop. Custom programming, remote connectivity, and reporting are the features companies want. They want to know how long an average cycle was for the previous month, how long the cure process took, and what the average time per repair was. This is the information that can help them improve their business and make them more profitable.

Additional Energy-Efficient Options
Better lighting and lighting options are becoming a common requested feature. In particular, more are asking for LED and premium lighting. Quality LED lights are energy-efficient, last longer, are more durable, and offer better lighting than other types of lighting.

Another energy-efficient option that manufacturers and automotive companies are looking for Variable Frequency Drives (VDFs). Not only are they less expensive to run, but they have additional benefits in providing a smooth ramp up of the motor or variation in speed when faced with a heavy load that could strain the motor.

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