There are many types of conveyors used for handling products through paint and other finishing operations. The type of conveyor selected for your operation will depend on the weight, shape and size of the items being conveyed. You also need to consider the type of finishing process being applied. Depending on your specific requirement, you can select a conveyor systems for use with dip lines, powder coating, wet spray painting, wood finishing, e-coating/plating and other finishing applications.

Conveyor Considerations:

  1. What type of paint or process will be used (i.e. powder coating, plating, wet spray or chemical wash) in the finishing process?
  2. What is the environment of your finishing operation (i.e. dip tanks, ovens)? And what chemicals will be involved?
  3. What paint finishing quality is required?
  4. What type of material are you conveying; metal, wood, plastic, etc.?
  5. What is the size, shape and weight of the items?
  6. Will the items being finished be moved on a cart (at floor level) or can it be attached to an overhead conveyer?
  7. What size is the space where the conveyor will be installed (in and around other equipment)?

Overhead conveyors are the most commonly used conveyor type for paint finishing. These types of conveyers are great at handling multi-shaped items, like tanks, through the finishing process because they prevent over-spray and reduce excess wet paint from dripping downwards. Overhead conveyors are also able to address concerns that arise when handling doors and windows.

Item like furniture can be hard to convey due to their size and shape. There are towline conveyors that offers a convenient means of holding, conveying and rotating these items through the various finishing processes.

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