As with any industrial environment, following safety precautions is critical to the welfare of the people who work in them. In a facility with paint spray booths, reducing the risk to your employees and making sure your products are of the highest quality, are the top priorities. Below are some important procedures to follow.

Protect From Hazardous Fumes

A paint spray booth will contain hazardous fumes from the chemicals in paints, primers, varnishes, and other coatings. These can be very harmful to your employees’ health. A well-operating booth will maintain good air quality inside of the booth, as well as out. The ventilation system should be checked regularly to make sure it is running optimally. It should always be operating when spraying is occurring, and should continue running for an appropriate amount of time after the procedure is completed. It’s important to make sure exhaust fans, filters, and ductwork are in good working condition.

Lower The Risk Of Fire

Besides being toxic, finishing coatings are highly flammable.  When paint is sprayed, a liquid flammable product becomes an airborne product; these flammable airborne particles end up on the product, the equipment, and in the filters. With oxygen always present in the booth, the only thing missing to start a fire is an ignitor. Many things can become an ignitor – the spark that starts the fire. So it’s essential to minimize these risks.

Installing mats to reduce static and making sure that all light fixtures are sealed can help reduce introducing a spark. Verifying that all electrical equipment is designed for a flammable environment and that the booth is grounded, are also important. However, if a fire were to break out, you need to make sure fire detection systems are in place and working properly, as well as, automatic sprinklers and other fire suppression methods.

Store and Mix Coatings Safely

As mentioned above, finishing products are highly flammable. It’s imperative that they be stored and handled carefully. Appropriate personal protective equipment should always be used when moving, mixing or applying coatings. Having a separate storage room away from the paint booth is a good idea. And a separate mixing room with good ventilation is also highly recommended.

Stay Up-To-Date With Consistent Preventive Maintenance

Regular maintenance helps your paint booth operate safely and efficiently. Following are some preventive maintenance activities for your paint spray booth that should never be neglected:

  • Replace all filters frequently, as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Clean overspray from all equipment,
  • Check for and repair any leaks in ductwork.

Keep Your Finishing Operations Safe

Production Systems can help you choose a paint spray booth that will meet your finishing needs and provide a safe environment for your employees. Our booths meet all safety regulations, they are strong – made of steel, and we use top quality exhaust systems. Contact us to learn more about our paint spray booths.