Paint spray booths come in various types and styles. Certain kinds are better suited for specific applications. And the opposite is also the same – some configurations are simply not well suited for certain applications. Choosing the right type of spray booth for your finishing business is one the most important decisions you can make. Purchasing the wrong kind of booth can create problems and hinder production.

One feature to consider is whether the industrial spray paint booth is pressurized or non-pressurized. The purpose of a spray booth is to move air past the object being painted so that the part is well coated and the overspray does not get deposited back on the object or the newly coated element. Let’s take a look at these two options.

Pressurized Booths

A pressurized paint booth is designed to work with negative and positive air pressure. The booth operates with a balance of air coming in and air going out; in other words, the balance between the air replacement fan and the exhaust fan.

If only the exhaust fan is running, and no replacement air is introduced to the booth, the result is negative pressure – more air is going out than is coming in. If someone were to open a door, air will come rushing in bringing dirt and debris with it. If the replenishing fan is only on, the booth has positive air pressure. In this case, if a door is opened, air from inside the booth will go rushing out. Any debris from inside will be pulled out leaving a cleaner interior.

Although the goal is to have the two fans working together introducing and removing air at balanced rates, it’s easy to conclude that having a slightly positive air pressure is better, producing a cleaner environment.

Additionally, we already know that with a pressurized spray booth the air introduced into the booth comes from a replacement fan. For this reason, the air coming into the booth can be effectively controlled. Flow, temperature and timing can be adjusted, resulting in smooth even flow and operation.

Non-Pressurized Booths

A non-pressurized paint spray booth is an enclosed compartment that’s designed to draw air in through an area in the booth structure, such as the doors or a plenum. Air coming through the inlet passes through a set of filters, flows through the booth, and is extracted from the booth by an exhaust fan. The control of the air comes from the configuration of the booth which dictates the air flow. There is no control panel for additional regulations.

Spray Booth Configurations

Both pressurized and non-pressurized paint spray booths come in a range of airflow configurations, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Configurations include cross draft, semi-down, side-down, and down draft. Check out our blog that explains more about these spray booth configurations.

In conclusion, pressurized paint spray booth design allows the operator to have greater control and temperature conditioned, cleaner air. This allows the painter to concentrate solely on the application of paint to the object at hand. However, non-pressurized booths also have applications for which they are well-suited. Contact us at Production Systems to learn more and allow us to assist you in determining what type of paint spray booth is right for your company.