Maintaining Your Paint Line Conveyor System

Routine check-ups and preventive maintenance ensure your paint line conveyor system runs at peak performance, decreases the chance of unexpected shut-downs, and prolongs the life of your equipment. No one can deny that it’s better to schedule downtime for maintenance than to have an emergency situation that interrupts production, requires immediate attention for repairs, and necessitates replacement parts be expedited. Below are six maintenance activities that help keep your conveyor system running optimally: 1. Perform a quick checkup of your conveying system every day. While the conveyor system is running, look to see if there are any leaks, oil stains, or visual signs of wear and tear. Listen for noises that are unusual and could indicate worn parts. Always write down and record the results of your quick visual and audible inspection for future reference. 2. Clean your paint line conveyor system on a regular basis. Paint line conveyor systems are most often in facilities full of contaminants - from paint overspray to dust, dirt, and debris. Regularly cleaning contaminants and removal of built-up coatings now will decrease the likelihood [...]

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Considerations When Choosing A Conveyor For Paint Finishing

There are many types of conveyors used for handling products through paint and other finishing operations. The type of conveyor selected for your operation will depend on the weight, shape and size of the items being conveyed. You also need to consider the type of finishing process being applied. Depending on your specific requirement, you can select a conveyor systems for use with dip lines, powder coating, wet spray painting, wood finishing, e-coating/plating and other finishing applications. Conveyor Considerations: What type of paint or process will be used (i.e. powder coating, plating, wet spray or chemical wash) in the finishing process? What is the environment of your finishing operation (i.e. dip tanks, ovens)? And what chemicals will be involved? What paint finishing quality is required? What type of material are you conveying; metal, wood, plastic, etc.? What is the size, shape and weight of the items? Will the items being finished be moved on a cart (at floor level) or can it be attached to an overhead conveyer? What size is the space where the conveyor will be installed (in [...]

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Improve Productivity, Efficiency and Safety with Industrial Conveyors Systems

There are many reasons conveyors are used in production facilities across the world and why the market for conveyors is growing rapidly. Because they are so useful, a broad range of industries use the technology. Manufacturing, packing, automobile assembly, logistics and distribution, agriculture, recycling, to name a few, use conveyors because of the undoubted benefits. Conveyors are the perfect tool for safely transporting materials from one area to another, and between different levels. Conveyors bring a number of benefits to a manufacturing and production plant. Some of the uses and benefits of conveyor systems include: Manufacturing engineers use conveyors to move goods or products from one location to another. Conveyors can greatly speed of this process while reducing the use of forklifts and other motorized equipment on the plant floor. Heavy products and raw materials can be moved around a facility and between processing and packaging machines that are too heavy for team members to lift. They not only lower labor costs but they also improve safety. Products can be assembled or added to while moving from point A to [...]

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Conveyor Systems Are An Essential Part Of Many Finishing Systems

The conveyor components transport products through enclosures of the finishing process, or move them from one process to the next. So, let’s look at what is happening in the conveyor system world. New conveyor systems are becoming quieter. Quieter components, especially rollers, are being incorporated into the conveyors for an overall quieter system. The loud path through a plant is becoming outdated. A quieter system makes for a more comfortable working environment and easier communication among workers. Simpler processes are becoming more and more automated. In the past, it was most often the complex processes that were automated. Now, companies are finding that automating the simple activities with a single conveyor can provide substantial results. And smaller companies can take advantage of these benefits since they do not require a huge capital investment. Robotics are being applied to conveyors. When a company needs to safely move and position large and heavy products, a pallet conveyor system is the solution. These systems are programmed for precise movement, specific starts and stops, and can be coordinated to work with other robotics. New [...]

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