Production Systems Inc. most recent project is the manufacturing and installation of a Gas Fired Convection Type Cure Oven. This oven is constructed with 4’’ thick Oven Panels with 4# Density Mineral Wool. The Oven has one Central Return Air Plenum, two Floor Mounted Supply Plenums that are fitted with adjustable dampers to balance air flow. The oven has integral support steel for oven panel structure, exhaust fans and duct as well as overhead conveyor. Access doors and Interior Lighting are also included for convenience and maintenance purposes.

All Circulation Fans are fitted with Intake Duct, Housing and Supply Duct to Connect the Fans to the Return and Supply Plenums. The Fans are provided with Support Steel for Overhead Wall Mounting.

The Cure Oven is designed with Exhaust, Quick Purge and Air Seal Systems to ensure a proper finish.

Installed with a Production Systems UL508A Labeled Control Panel that includes a 7’’ Panelview 800 Touch Screen, Soft Starts for all Circulation Fans, Separate Controls for Exhaust and Quick Purge Fans, and across-the-line starters for all motors other than Circulation Fans.

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Gas Fired Convection Cure Oven
Gas Fired Convection Cure Oven