Industrial Paint kitchens are fire-rated buildings used for the safe storage of hazardous materials. They can also be used for applications such as paint mixing and pumping stations.

There are many options and accessories that can be added to customize the design of your paint kitchen for your unique business applications. For instance, you can specify size requirements (to accommodate small, medium and large industrial operations) or if your kitchen will be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

Depending on your operations, you may need specific accessories, such as a fire extinguisher system, floor grating, access ramps, air-conditioning units, convection heaters or water sprinkler systems. You can also order grate lifting tools, a parts hanger system, booth access tables, supply boxes, hose and spray gun hangers, shelving and various equipment hanger solutions. Other options may include exhaust ductwork, intake fan and a control panel. Custom-size doors are available for specific applications.

You can also automate your paint kitchen to be intelligent. These systems contain a smart set of sensors, actuators and control modules that communicate to optimize paint supply and paint circulation. It allows pump control, tank control and overall remote control.

An industrial paint kitchen gives your plant a safe and ventilated place to keep some of the most volatile products used in the painting process. Contact Production Systems today to discover all the options and benefits available for your specific application.