EPA’s Best Practices For The Paint Mixing Rooms

According to a flyer published by the EPA, certain practices should be adhered to when working in a paint mixing room. Below is a summary of these best practices, and our thoughts on the points as well. 1) Keep Containers Covered The EPA recommends always putting the lid back on any opened paint containers. Solvents and paints contaminate the air when uncovered, and in reverse, air also contaminates the paint. By covering the container, you minimize the harmful vapors that leak into the air. And since paint and solvents evaporate, you can save money by keeping the lid on them. 2) Install A Ventilation System Or Buy A Prefabricated Mixing Room Many mixing rooms in factories have become mixing rooms by default – it’s just where people have historically mixed paint. That’s why they are often poorly ventilated posing a safety risk and a threat to the employees’ health. If your company has one of these, it is recommended you install a good ventilation system that will pull vapors away from work stations. A good prefabricated mixing room will already [...]

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Paint Kitchen Add Ons

Industrial Paint kitchens are fire-rated buildings used for the safe storage of hazardous materials. They can also be used for applications such as paint mixing and pumping stations. There are many options and accessories that can be added to customize the design of your paint kitchen for your unique business applications. For instance, you can specify size requirements (to accommodate small, medium and large industrial operations) or if your kitchen will be used for indoor or outdoor applications. Depending on your operations, you may need specific accessories, such as a fire extinguisher system, floor grating, access ramps, air-conditioning units, convection heaters or water sprinkler systems. You can also order grate lifting tools, a parts hanger system, booth access tables, supply boxes, hose and spray gun hangers, shelving and various equipment hanger solutions. Other options may include exhaust ductwork, intake fan and a control panel. Custom-size doors are available for specific applications. You can also automate your paint kitchen to be intelligent. These systems contain a smart set of sensors, actuators and control modules that communicate to optimize paint supply and [...]

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Guidelines On The Storage And Mixing of Paint

There are many regulations regarding the mixing of paint, its storage, and its transference from one container to another. Since most paints and finishing materials are highly combustible, they can easily ignite. That’s why, it’s important for codes and guidelines to be met. One regulation requires that storage and mixing of paint be done in an industrial mixing room or a spray booth. When it comes to the storage of paint in a facility, there are guidelines regarding the maximum amount; this falls under the MAQ, or Maximum Allowable Quantity limit for hazardous materials allowed in an area without additional protection. The MAQ, which can be found in the International Fire Code, is dependent on the class of liquid and its container. Certain conditions and risk mitigating efforts can allow for an increase in the MAQ of a facility. For instance, if there is a sprinkler system in the building, the MAQ can be increased by 100%. If the hazardous material is stored in an exhausted area, such as a paint room, the MAQ can be increased by 200%. This [...]

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Reasons To Incorporate A Paint Mixing Room Into Your Facility

There are many benefits to having a separate room set apart for the specific task of mixing paint. A paint mixing room is an enclosed space with a controlled environment designed for the sole purpose of mixing, handling, and storing paint materials and compounds. Having a separate space makes it possible to maintain product quality, create a safer environment, and increase productivity. Maintaining Product Quality Paint mixing rooms improve the quality of paint and finish compounds by reducing the possibility of contamination. Dust and debris that can damage the paint are kept out of the room and away from the product. Humidity, moisture and other climate-related challenges can be managed. And contaminates, such as other chemicals or compounds cannot corrupt the paint while it is being mixed or stored. A separate sanitary space maintains a high-quality product before it is applied. Maintaining Safety Is The Most Important Goal Even more important than maintaining product quality, is maintaining your employees’ safety. Stored in a paint room are large amounts of highly flammable materials, such as paints and solvents. Keeping these volatile [...]

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