Sand Blast Booth for Pretreatment and Surface Prep

Blast Booths for Blasting Equipment & Processes
Production Systems is dedicated to supplying manual media blasting systems designed to meet customer’s specifications. Our systems include simple manual recovery systems to automatic full floor recovery systems. The enclosures are custom built to meet the needs of the customer. Rubber lining of interior walls are available upon request.

Reclaim/Recovery systems range from manual systems to fully automatic floor recovery systems. Automatic recovery systems include augers, belt recovery and pneumatic systems. Depending on type of media being used, reclaim can include air wash, cyclones, magnetic separators, vibratory classifiers and heavy particle separators.

Pre-Treatment Booth
Surface Prep Booths - Parts Washers

Parts Washers

Parts Washers are used for the pre-treatment of parts and components prior to painting. Production Systems will engineer your parts washer with your chemical provider to meet your pretreatment requirements.

Types of Parts Washers

  • Non-Aqueous Single Stage Plaforization
  • Conveyor Driven In Line Power Washer
  • Multi-Stages
  • Open Top or Closed Top


Washer Construction Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Other
Number of Stages
Number of Heated Stages
Temperature of Each Stage
Process Time for Each Stage
R/O or DI Rinse Required
Package R/O or DI Generation System or Bottled Water System
R/O or DI Holding Tank Required and Capacity
Sludge Doors on Tanks
Misting Nozzles between Stages
Insulated Tanks on Heated Stages
Insulated Housing on Heated Stages
Electrical Controls Preference Vendor
Exit End Washer Blow-Off

Building Opening Size for Washer Installation
Conveyor Line Speed Thru Washer
Max Part Length in Direction of Conveyor Travel
Max Part Size Thru Washer
Tank Heated By Gas, Electric, or Steam using Heat Exchanger
External In-Line Sludge Filters (Chemical Stages Only)
Automatic Chemical Feed System
Oil Skimmer System
Type of Spray Nozzles(Hollow Cone On Conversion Stage)
Open Top or Closed Top Design
Riser Centers
Power Voltage
Stainless Steel or CPVC Risers