There are many reasons conveyors are used in production facilities across the world and why the market for conveyors is growing rapidly. Because they are so useful, a broad range of industries use the technology. Manufacturing, packing, automobile assembly, logistics and distribution, agriculture, recycling, to name a few, use conveyors because of the undoubted benefits. Conveyors are the perfect tool for safely transporting materials from one area to another, and between different levels.

Conveyors bring a number of benefits to a manufacturing and production plant. Some of the uses and benefits of conveyor systems include:

  • Manufacturing engineers use conveyors to move goods or products from one location to another. Conveyors can greatly speed of this process while reducing the use of forklifts and other motorized equipment on the plant floor.
  • Heavy products and raw materials can be moved around a facility and between processing and packaging machines that are too heavy for team members to lift. They not only lower labor costs but they also improve safety.
  • Products can be assembled or added to while moving from point A to point B. An example of this would be an assembly conveyor in an automobile plant. Also, with their small footprint, a conveyor system can be implemented without the need to increase the plant’s square footage.
  • Conveyors can reduce the amount of repetitive movements typically performed by workers, thus reducing injury and damage to products during transport.
  • Storage of products between processes and at the final step is another benefit of implementing a conveyor system.
  • Sequencing or re-sequencing products between processes on the production line.
  • Conveyors are particularly beneficial for automatic liquid filling processes, where they feed containers into filling machines and collect them for packing.

The use of conveyors improve productivity and worker safety by reducing inefficient manual handling. Production Systems is an integrator of domestic conveyor systems. We offer custom designed solutions and our engineering team will work with your requirements to integrate the right conveyor system. Contact us today to get started.