Sanding and grinding booths are a great solution for removing coatings and preparing objects for finishing. Booths can fit anywhere on the plant floor where you have open space and are engineered from the ground up. Booths are a heavy-duty industrial solution that is not only efficient but can last for decades. Due to the dirty process of sanding and grinding, it is critical to establish an isolated environment so you don’t turn your work environment into a hazardous place. The sanding and grinding process can throw sparks, dust, particles, and fumes into the warehouse environment. Sanding & grinding booths provides segregation of the high particulate work areas. It also provides a safe work environment and provides full control over the waste products generated during the production cycle.

Sanding & grinding booths are excellent all-around paint booth. The air enters through the intake plenum, either from the outside or from the ambient warehouse environment. As the air travels across the booth the filter modules remove dust and contaminants. The clean air is then vented out of booth through the rear exhaust filter plenum, back into the environment or warehouse. When designing a booth, you want to make sure it addresses virtually any combustible dust specification or requirement.

Benefits of Sanding & Grinding Booths

  1. Reduction of noise associated with grinding and sanding in the warehouse environment.
  2. Elimination of particles flying off the grinding machine, possibly hitting workers, warehouse walls and floors.
  3. Immediate evacuation of dust particles and fumes from the air. Collection of dust as soon as it comes off the grinder maintains a safer and cleaner workspace and booths can remove 99% of dust particles from the air.
  4. Sanding and Grinding booths recirculate air after capturing and filtering it. Having the combination of dust capture and air recirculation in one booth means you can prepare objects for finishing without worrying about air quality.

Sanding & Grinding booths are the answer to your noisy, dusty grinding jobs. They can improve the safety of your workers and keep the air quality healthy throughout your facility. Production Systems builds and installs custom sanding and grinding booths to fit your specific needs. We have experience and expertise and take every aspect of the environment into consideration when developing industrial sanding and grinding solutions for our customers.