Preparing Metal Surfaces For Conversion Coating

When painting metal products, preparing the material for finishes is essential. The surface must be treated with a conversion coating. During this treatment, the metal surface undergoes a chemical reaction that and is essential for the durability of the finish, promoting adhesion and increasing corrosion resistance. Before applying the conversion coating, the metal must be prepared. Contaminants must be removed from the metal surface Prior to coating, metal surfaces must be cleaned. If the cleaning does not thoroughly eliminate contaminants, a uniform conversion coating will not be created resulting in a metal surface that is not properly protected from corrosion. The most common method used is aqueous cleaning; however, other methods include ultrasonic cleaning and vapor degreasing. With aqueous cleaning, the cleaner is water-based with various other chemicals mixed in, such as detergents and surfactants. In addition to the cleaner, heat and agitation are used to remove contaminants. Aqueous cleaning is highly effective in removing ionic contaminants, and is most often used when the process combines cleaning with the application of protective coatings or surface finishes. With vapor degreasing, solvent [...]