Production Systems recently fabricated a Semi Down Draft Dry Filter Spray Booth. This was an Enclosed Spray Booth, Non Pressurized with an Overhead Filtered Supply. One set of bi parting solid doors were installed with 10’ width and 8’ height. The Spray Booth Included two 36’’ diameter Tubeaxial Exhaust Fans arranged with a 36’’ Exhaust Stack for Top Exhaust. The Exhaust Stack Included a Roof Curb and Curb Cover, Automatic Roof Ventilators on Discharge with Discharge 6’ above the Roof, and Duct Access Doors. The Spray Booths UL 508 Listed Control Panel Included a Fused Disconnect, Lighting and Safety Circuity. An Economizer Gun Hanger was included to interrupt the exhaust fan when the spray gun was placed on the gun hanger.

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