UL508A Standard for Industrial Control Panels

When it comes to UL508A certification, let’s start with the UL part. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories; it is an officially recognized and authorized organization that conducts extensive safety research and develops standards in the US and Canada. Its goal is to assure consumers that the products they buy are safe. Underwriters Laboratories are most widely known for creating standards for electrical products. For example, every electrical outlet, light fixture, and light bulb in the U.S. has a UL symbol on it. A UL508A standard is a set of instructions regarding the manufacture of industrial control panels. Electrical inspectors look for the UL508A marking when reviewing a panel. The marking communicates to the inspector and the buyer that a third party examined the product, found it to comply with nationally recognized safety standards, and certified it. The certification also guarantees that the panel is compliant with national and local electrical codes. An industrial control panel, according to UL, is "an assembly incorporating two or more pieces of industrial control equipment or related control circuit devices, provided with interconnecting wiring and [...]

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Advantages Of A Programmable Logic Controller

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a computer system developed to control a manufacturing process. PLCs are used in assembly lines to run equipment and control robotic devices - any process that requires a high level of consistency and the ability to diagnose a problem. PLCs range from small devices with less than 100 inputs and outputs (I/O) to large modular systems with thousands of I/O that are often networked to other PLC and SCADA systems. PLC systems can be configured to withstand extended temperature ranges, electrical noise, vibration, and impact. The first PLC was invented in 1968 for General Motors. It was created to replace hard-wired relay logic systems with easily programmable controllers that are flexible and robust. With hard-wired systems, altering the automation process was difficult. A change in the process required the system to be rewired and the documentation to be fully updated. The entire system would fail if even a single wire or relay failed, requiring technicians to spend hours examining the wiring schematic. Early automation systems were unreliable, requiring strict adherence to specific working conditions, [...]

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UL 508A Standard For Industrial Control Panels

When designing industrial equipment, machinery, or processing equipment it is very important to be aware of UL 508A standards. By law, industrial equipment and control panels are covered under the requirements of the National Electric Code (NEC NFPA 70) and must be suitable for use. UL 508A is the UL standard for the construction of industrial control panels. Working UL 508A into your equipment design, right from the beginning, is a great idea since it allows you to be certain you are meeting conformity at the time of installation. It is also a good idea to have a third-party UL laboratory label or a field representative label on the new equipment being installed. A UL label signifies that the panel builder has met the requirements of UL 508A, and that their panels are subject to inspection by UL field representatives. Not every panel is inspected by UL, but panels are subject to inspection by UL depending upon the quantity of UL labeled panels made in a given time period. A UL follow up services representative inspects the facility and reviews [...]

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New Spray Booth Control Panel

Production Systems' most recent spray booth control panel is built with a fusible, lockable, rotary main disconnect with 100kA SCCR, allowing local electricians to easily attach main power to the panel. The control panel is housed in a “Type 12” listed electrical enclosure to provide maximum protection for all control components. Since this spray booth was designed to have operator-selectable variable speed exhaust, an active ventilation system has been incorporated to assure adequate cooling for the on-board variable frequency drive, (VFD). Branch circuits and control circuits for lighting and spray interlock wiring have been provided and documented within provided schematics for ease of field wiring. A unique spray gun hanger system has been provided to eliminate costly “classified location” wiring. Once the operator presses the “FANS ENABLE” button, the fans may be started and stopped from within the working area of the paint booth simply by removing the spray gun from the hanger or replacing it to the hook. Indicator lights on the control panel face provide basic useful information concerning the start/stop status, exhaust air status, light lens [...]

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