Custom Systems By Barberan

Barberan finishing lines are installed all over the world. As the US integrator of Barberan, Production Systems is dedicated to meeting customers’ needs and providing strong engineering input.

High Gloss & Super Matte Finishes

Barberan offers a complete high gloss surface finishing line that offers mirror-like high gloss or soft-touch super matte finishes.

This line is based on HotCoating® technology, which gives additional resistance and durability to high gloss panels and improves the surface quality. Thanks to the integrated Excimer lamp, this line achieves a super matte surface with anti-fingerprint traits and soft-touch effect.

Even though the product layer is quite thin, panels lacquered with this system, have very high resistance to scratching and wear. This makes them ideal for environments like bathrooms and kitchens, where requirements to surface qualities are higher.

This roller lacquering system saves up to 50% of the product. By using 100% solid products, emissions to the atmosphere are eliminated, making the process both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Barberan High Gloss Surface Finishing Line


Proper panel preparation is critical in obtaining a good finishing result. During the first step in preparation, the panel is cleaned and preheated in order to facilitate the application of the HotCoating product. HotCoating has very good adhesion even to non-porous surfaces, like melamine, and creates a resistant surface after curing.

Before moving on to the next phase, the panel must go through a cooling tunnel to get it to the right temperature for the next application.

Base Coat

Barberan uses UV products in combination with “hotmelt” to prepare the surface for the sanding process. Correct UV base coating is crucial for obtaining a high quality, high gloss finish for your products.


Before sanding, UV base coat layers have already been cured thoroughly with UV radiation. The sanding machine removes a thin layer of base coat to get a perfectly smooth surface for the application of the finishing lacquer.

After sanding, the panel goes through a cleaning process to keep the surface free from dust particles or other contaminants.


Our topcoat machines are fitted with all the required elements in order to keep lacquers in their best condition: filtering systems, temperature controls, and pressurization to avoid surface contamination.

The leveling tunnel for the finish coat helps obtain the desired quality and mirror effect of the high gloss surface, which is completely cured with another UV tunnel at the outfeed.

For super matte finishes, the panel is treated with an Excimer lamp for a deep, velvety, and soft matte finish, which is commercially known as “soft touch”, also offering high resistance to scratches and fingerprints.

The process finishes with the application of the protective foil to the panel.