Paint Line Conveyor Systems and Material Handling

Production Systems is an integrator of domestic conveyor systems including:
Overhead Enclosed Track, I Beam, Manual, Power Only, Power and Free, Tow Lines, Belt and Roller Conveyors for Overhead Hang Lines, On / In Floor Tow Lines and Flat Lines

Production Systems offers custom designs of conveyor and complementary equipment including:
Carts, Carriers, Loading & Unloading Equipment, Inclined Belt Conveyors with Dust Collection for Sanding or Wiping, Strand, Spindle, Chain On Edge Conveyors and Power Rotators.

Paint line conveyor systems

Types of Conveyors

Production Systems Design and Engineering Team will work with your requirements to integrate the right conveyor solution.

In floor Tow Line Conveyors are designed for heavier weighted items to be finished. Carts can easily be removed from the in ground track system to adjust to your finishing needs. The in floor design allows for a longer life and dexterity.

On floor Tow Line Conveyors are best suited for lighter items. Similar to the In floor Tow Line, the track will be on the ground but not dug into the concrete. Best suited for smaller finishing lines, the on floor tow line can easily be relocated for future operations.

Overhead I-Beam Conveyor will support heavier products for finishing. Structural support is added to hold the conveyor system in place as products run along the track.

Overhead Enclosed Track Conveyors are best suited for less weight and offer less contamination for the conveyor to your finished product.

Power & Free Conveyors provide you with complete control by using a dual track system. The Power track will move your parts throughout the line while the Free Track can disengage to move your product to another section of the line.

Chain on Edge Conveyors are best suited for finishing small delicate parts. This type of conveyor is ideal for automated finishing systems. With parts sitting atop the Chain On Edge system it prevents contamination from the conveyor itself preventing damage to the finish.

Flat Line Conveyor is best suited for Automatic Finishing of flat products such as cabinetry and exterior home building products.